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Share your Wii U friend codes here! (2)
Started: Dec. 26th by Windowsxp
Last post: Dec. 28th by Windowsxp
Why was M&S Sochi 2014 only on Wii U? (4)
Started: Nov. 29th by SpeedStriker243
Last post: Dec. 23th by Noob
Minecraft: Story Mode is headed to WiiU! (6)
Started: Aug. 26th by Shane
Last post: Dec. 22th by Crush42
minecraft is comes to wii u on 17 (4)
Started: Dec. 13th by amiibo20
Last post: Dec. 17th by Gumball
Freedom Planet (3)
Started: Nov. 13th by Betrrr
Last post: Nov. 29th by Gamesaddict43
Who else is getting Twilight Princess HD? (3)
Started: Nov. 13th by Crush42
Last post: Nov. 21th by Perfect_Chaos
Super Mario Maker Bundle (1)
Started: Aug. 27th by Crush42
Last post: Aug. 27th by Crush42
Nintendo TVii shutting down (2)
Started: Jul. 28th by Gold
Last post: Aug. 08th by DrakeJericho
Smash 4 Unofficial Tier Ranking (9)
Started: Mar. 19th by Trishkebac0n
Last post: Aug. 04th by DrakeJericho
Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter Review (7)
Started: Mar. 18th by Nin10dude789
Last post: Jul. 08th by ChampionLeake
Homebrewed Wii to Wii U Transfer (6)
Started: Dec. 25th by nintenman99
Last post: Jul. 07th by nintenman99
Play Gamecube Games on Wii/U Tutorial (9)
Started: Mar. 06th by DrakeJericho
Last post: May 28th by ChampionLeake
Nintendo spending millions protecting Sakurai (16)
Started: Oct. 15th by Gold
Last post: Apr. 26th by Gold
Zelda U Delayed Beyond 2015 (2)
Started: Mar. 28th by Shane
Last post: Mar. 28th by Crush42
Review: The Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors (5)
Started: Feb. 08th by Crush42
Last post: Mar. 18th by SolarFusion
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