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s t a t i c {unfinished}
Started by XxWolfxX
(2017-11-05 10:38:35)
XxWolfxX (2017-11-05 10:38:35)
It was a fairly normal day. I went to school, slept in most of my classes with the freezing cold air in the classrooms. I went to lunch and smoked a cigarette behind the school. I live in a not very populated area, and 90 percent of the kids here smoke too, so the school allows it. Sometimes you'll even see a teacher light one up.
It's mid-October so it's starting to get colder, which means everyone is starting to buy a jacket and wear it. I like the leather jacket look, it fits my body type well. My hair is normally pushed back, hanging low down to my shoulders. I'm about 6 feet tall, the tallest in my school. I'm even taller than most of the teachers.
School just let out for the day, students flooding the hallways and chatter filling the air. I don't have any friends at this school, I'm a loner. I find it easier to do things when there aren't people in your way. I make my way down the stairs of the school and out the double doors, the cool air brushing my face as soon as I step outside onto the concrete. I press the unlock button on my car keys and walk towards the 'beep' I hear in the distance. Eventually I get to my truck. An old Chevy Silverado I picked up from my uncle who didn't have any use for it. The paint is rusting away and the passenger side door doesn't lock but it gets me where I need to go. I hop in and push the keys into the slot and start it up, driving back to my home.
Pulling into my driveway I notice something a little... off. No other cars are here yet. Usually my dad would have been off work by now. He gets off at 2pm every day, it's 4pm right now. "Maybe he just went to the store or had to run some errands today," I tell myself before turning off the truck and hopping out, making sure to lock the door behind me. I walk up to the stairs and start walking up and I notice something else out of place. Peering my head through the tinted windows on my front door, I notice the TV on, but all you can see is static, and the volume is turned up all the way. Hesitantly I open my front door.
I didn't hear an answer. I didn't expect to get a reply.
"Hello?" I call out again, hoping to hear my dad's raspy voice tell me he's home and that his car was just in the shop. Yet again, no answer.
I jumped, my heart pounding in my chest. For a guy who is 6 feet tall, I sure do get scared pretty easily. I decide to check out where it came from, right in the middle of my room. Walking down the dark hallway, I reach for the lights with and turn the lights on. I take a deep breath, then put my trembling hand onto the doorknob and twist hard, slamming my shoulder into the door with a yell. There is nothing here. I dismiss the noise quickly, playing it off as the house settling and continue on with my day.

-11:00 PM-

It's now dark outside, the sound of bugs screaming in the night barely audible over this TV that has been stuck on max volume and static the whole time I've been home. Unplug it, my mind tells me. I'm an idiot! Why didn't I think of this before! I lean over behind the stand we have the TV on with a chuckle and unplug it, the sound of silence rushing into my head. Finally.. Peace.
Just then I hear a car pull into the driveway. "Yay it's dad! He's finally home, I'm starving!", I think out loud and begin to go into the kitchen to start preparing the drinks. I pour the usual, whiskey for my father and just sprite for me. He is a heavy alcoholic. Without a daily dose of hard liquor, he can't function properly. I hear the front door open and I turn to see something. Some THING. Definitely not my dad.
The thing stands at least twice as tall as me, slightly bending its head down so it doesn't hit the ceiling. It's completely black, the only glimpse of color coming from it's bright yellow eyes that, despite having no pupils, seem to be staring dead at me.
I freeze. What do I do?


It's 4:37am right now and I don't know if I should finish this or just tell a completely story that actually happened to me and was pretty scary. Comment below what I should do ))
SlenderDude12 (2017-11-06 13:15:56)
I'm a grammer nazi and that last line offended me
FixedKarma (2017-11-23 07:21:07)
FINISH IT! You have my support!
One might say, " you"
Another might comment, "You can suck a "
Oh, I don't give one, honestly
Now smell ya later!

R.I.P. Mega. May he forever live in the memory of these users.

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