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More Costumes Headed to Mario Maker!
Started by mcwolf
(2015-12-22 18:10:28)
mcwolf (2015-12-22 18:10:28)
Hello peeps of the plaza, its been quite awhile since I've been on here(a year or two), and what a better way to reintroduce myself with a new topic. Just yesterday Mario Maker had an update; if you havent read/heard or played mario maker in awhile this update included

-Fire version of the koopa clown copter
-p switch doors
-Mario Maker Bookmark for the web, if your away from your console.

Next up we have the main thing were talking about; a vid on Captain Toad, Birdo, excitebike. If you cant view the vid these are the new costumes coming to the game.

Saved the best for last here is the the info on the bookmark.

Thats it for now, see yall later have a Merry Christmas and a great Happy New Year. Credit goes out to gamexplain for all their awesome videos.

Here's a great classic remastered in HD

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2015-12-23 03:06:42

mcwolf (2015-12-31 18:56:17)
Already peeps of the plaza, its time to close this topic. All this news is no longer relevant. Happy New year to you all and have a nice day/night. /

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